Promesso | Machine

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The Promesso Machine

- Perfect combination of functionality and quality
- Intuitive touchscreen
- Adaptable mood lights
- Fits any executive location

Intuitive and user friendly system

- Machine tells you when and how to refill
- Changing a pack takes less than 1 minute.
- Only once per week cleaning required
- Step-by-step instructions shown on the display

Promesso machine specifications

Choose from a range of delicious coffee options to personalise and enjoy:

Ristretto | Espresso | Doppio espresso | Lungo | Macchiato | Cappuccino | Café au lait | Latte macchiato | Latte | Hot water


Winner of the Red Dot Design Award

Best of the Best Award 2016

"Promesso embodies an entirely new generation of fully automatic coffee makers. This fully automatic coffee maker impresses with a stylistic idiom that skilfully borrows elements from the era of Art Deco, blending them with modern details."

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